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Welcome to the stupeflix developer center. Here you will find all the documentation to use the Stupeflix services.

If you find any error or need some additional information, please contact us!

You will need access keys to use the sample code and client libraries: sign up and start using the Stupeflix API now !

The Stupeflix service is currenly in beta: you can evaluate freely the service, but if you plan to use it for commercial purposes, please contact us. We will soon roll out a “help yourself” service, where you can pay directly for the service online.

After Effects workflow: SxC

If you are an After Effects user and want to port and/or create widgets to be used in Stupeflix, here are some resources !

Developer resources

Here are some resources :

If you want to reimplement your own client library for your preferred language, just read :



Stupeflix XML Language

Stupeflix API

Video Tool Kit

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